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  • Thomas Eckhoff

Sleeping at altitude

The worlds largest Igloo and the Matterhorn in the Swiss alps. Photo by Thomas Eckhoff, March 2016

No secret I've had a big fascination for the night sky for quite a while. Great opportunity to experience and shoot the clearest view of the night sky I've seen in a while on my travel to the Swiss alps Igloo village in Zermatt at 2727 meters altitude. Sleeping over in the Igloo is a great experience, even though I missed my arctic sleeping bag. We got too cold, but the reward was we got the rare chance to photograph both the night sky and the sunrise on Matterhorn mountain. In this frame, you can see my friend Robin Finger, owner of instagram hub @discoverearth, shooting the best winter view of the Matterhorn mountain. This is my idea of a great night out!


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