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Get your gear

Outdoor pleasures

Enjoying a few days off the grid outdoors

To me, the greatest pleasure is to seek into nature for inspiration, relaxation and activities. And photography. As with photography, to enjoy the outdoors to the max, equipment does matter. To get the crisp, clear picture with a large dynamic range I always opt for the high-end cameras and optics. I need great tools to make great pictures. And I need great gear to enjoy time outdoors.

The Fjällräven brand store

To me, Fjällräven is the top gear for the outdoors, and I'm so happy to have discovered the Fjällräven brand store in Oslo. You simply get all the good stuff in one place. The outfit, the tent, the backpack, you name it. They even got that maintanance station to wax and fit the clothes to your preference. I just love that. And it's right there on Karl Johans gate, in the centre of Oslos main pedestrian street.

All seasons

I picked my gear for the spring/summer season, and took the Abisko outfit for a trip to Lofoten just recently. It's the perfect outfit for this season, keeps the wind and rain out, and let's the moist out. So comfortable to wear on hikes. The Abisko view 2 tent is the perfect home away from home. Lightweight, functional and durable, which seems to be the norm for the entire Fjällräven product line. And they've covered all seasons. For the Nordic countries like my country Norway, that's essential.

Get inspired

So if you need to get inspired to go on you next adventure, don't hesitate to visit the Fjällräven brand store in Oslo and Stavanger, or hit Google to find one near your home. That's where you get the good gear.

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